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Key West Holidays

Key West in Florida, USA is one of the most beautiful and relaxed vacation destinations which is linked by the Overseas Highway. It is set by the sea and attracts a number of tourists all round the year. The beautiful Key West sunset is one of the main things which attracts tourists to the island and offers a peaceful environment to them. The old town lane also offers a lot to explore to the tourists while the tourists with a wilder edge prefer spending their time at the bars downtown.

The relaxed view of the sea and the natural beauty of this town are commendable. Beach activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming are some of the things that can keep one entertained at the beach. Saltwater fishing is another popular activity that is enjoyed by the people who love fishing. Nature lovers are also attracted to Key West and visit the areas around Key West which allows them to catch a glimpse of the dolphins or others simply take a stroll at the beach.

Beautiful Key West
The island of Key west is small but is beautiful. It offers different kind of vacation to the different people. It is ideal for a relaxed vacation, romantic vacation and peaceful vacation. If you are traveling with your family then your children can also find a lot to do at the island and have a fun filled vacation.  The Key West vacations offer different kind of entertainments to different people. The beautiful beaches at Key West offer beachside vacation to the tourists who can spend their day lazing under the sun. The evening can be spent at the bars and nightclubs which play great music.

History enthusiasts can stroll through the town or visit the museums to get a glimpse in to the past. There are a number of tour trains and trolley which helps the tourists to get more information about the various places in Key West and they may visit them later.

General Etiquette in Key West

Tipping is considered to be a general etiquette at Key West and many of the wage earners rely on it. Service charges are not included in the bills at the restaurant and other places and therefore it is a good practice to give a tip of 10-15% to the service provider.

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