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Key Largo Holidays

Key Largo is one of the largest and the longest islands in Florida. While the other islands boast of sandy beaches, Key Largo has a living reef to boast of. It is the only living reed in United states and attracts many people. The upper part of the Key Largo is closed to public and comes under protected land. There is a Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in this protected area which provides with the breeding ground for the crocodiles.
Holidays in Key Largo generally appeals to diving enthusiast and people from all across the world come here for the same.

There is a lot more to do and see at Key Largo. Apart from the water sports like jet skiing, or scuba diving, sightseeing tours, eco tours, various events held at the island etc. are some of the other things which appeal to the tourists. Kids also enjoy their vacations at the beautiful island. Parks like Water Park at Jacob's Aquatics Center with the enjoyable rides keep them happy and entertained at the island.

The island of Key Largo is especially popular with people who enjoy water sports and especially diving and fishing. These are the two most popular activities that attract tourists to the island of Key Largo. Being near the sea, there are many water activities that are available here and are enjoyed by adventure lovers. Parasailing, jet skiing are just a couple of many such water sports.

Key Largo is near Everglades National Park and therefore attracts the wildlife enthusiasts as well. The area in and around Key Largo appeals to the nature lovers who have the freedom to enjoy eco- tours and explore nature at its best.

Those looking for a relaxed beachside vacation are also attracted to the islands of Key Largo. The scenic beauty and the quaint beaches and parks allow them to spend their day lazing around and offer the perfect relaxation. In other words, the Key Largo vacation appeals to people with varied requirement and are suitable for families and individuals as well.

General Etiquette in Key Largo

The staffs at the restaurants and other wage earners look forward to the tips that are given to them as that is what helps them earn. Therefore the tourists should give a tip of about 10-15% to these staff.

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