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Key Biscayne Holidays

Key Biscayne is a small island village in Florida which is a little away from Miami. A number of tourists visit this beautiful island as it allows them to enjoy village life and enjoy the peaceful natural beauty in and around Key Biscayne. Apart from basking in the sun, the tourists at Key Biscayne have a number of other options as well. There are a number of historical sites to be explored and many other activities which keep the tourists entertained. At the beach, one can relax under the beach umbrella and catch up on his favorite read. At the beach, one can relax under the beach umbrella and catch up on his favorite read. To relax one’s mind, one can just lie down on a hammock and listen to the rustling pine leaves or the roaring waves here. The Cape Florida lighthouse is just one of the many things that attracts the tourists and add to the beauty.

Beautiful Key Biscayne

The natural beauty of Key Biscayne appeals to people of all age group. The beach side coastal vacations are apt for families who can visit the island along with their kids. Couples also visit the beautiful village of Key Biscayne as they find it peaceful and romantic. History lovers also have a lot to explore at Key Biscayne and can start with exploring the historical sites at Dade County.

Sports enthusiast can also find a lot to do at Key Biscayne. They can start with relaxing at the white sandy beaches or take a swim at the beautiful and serene crystal clear waters. For more challenging activities one can try kite boarding, riding water bikes, skiing and a number of other such recreational activities.

When dining at a restaurant then the tourists should give some tip to the staff as it is what helps them to earn. If you are pleased with the service given to you then 10-15% tipping would be considered as polite.

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