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Kercem Holidays

Kercem, a hamlet on Gozo Island, Malta, is situated close to the south-east of Victoria. It lies between the picturesque Lunzjata Valley, the green hills of Tal-Mixta, G─žar Ilma and Ta' Dbiegi, and stretches out to the Pond of Ghadira ta' San Rafflu and Xlendi cliffs.

Kercem is a very old village with secret origins. The village and the distant countryside are home to several archaeological findings and the source of much Gozitan folklore. It is a little distance from the Island's capital, Victoria.

A holiday in Kercem means a step out of the ordinary. There is a huge mystery that encircles Kercem. It is an easy going village with sculpted balconies that adorn the ancient houses. The huge variety of flowerpots adds splashes of colour to tawny streets, making it a very striking and pleasing village. Kercem is well-known for its people, their zeal and fervour for their culture. This makes the various festivals that they have very spectacular and colourful. During the festivals, the village square is filled with fireworks and music. A visit to Kercem enables the travellers to explore the real rural Gozo. The places around Kercem offer great opportunities for diving, cycling, and sailing. A number of caves such as the Calypso Cave, the Xerri's Grotto and the Ninu's Cave are worth visiting once. There are a number of beaches situated close to this place.

Kercem is a fantastic choice for archaeological exploration too. The archaeological discoveries give us an idea that the sizeable area of Kercem was inhabited as early as the Ghar Dalam phase. Other sites worth exploring are the Roman Baths and an early Christian cemetery at Ghar Gerduf. The Gozitan historian De Soldanis referd to this as the  Roman Catacombs and is also an significant discovery.

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