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Kerala Restaurants

From ancient times, Kerala has invited the attention of people for its culinary art and hot spicy food. Keralites are very particular about the aroma and the taste of their traditional food. Coconut, tamarind and red chilly are used to prepare a number of dishes and chutneys. Banana chips, rasam, sadya, appam and putu are some popular dishes prepared by Keralites.

To have a bite of special food as well as international cuisine, you can step in the popular restaurants of Kerala. Few recommended restaurants you should visit on your Kerala Holidays are:

The Travancore Restaurant: Located on Shanmugham Road. Serves – multi cuisine.

Woodlands: Located near M.G. Road. Serves traditional food. Specialty – idlis and dosa.

Utsav: By Taj Residency, the restuarnt is located on the Marine Drive in Cochin. Multi-cuisne. Specialty – Indian dishes.

Rice Boats: It is located on Willingdon Island. Serves ethnic food and continental dishes. Specialty – fish curries and sea food.

The Oven: It is located on the Marine Drive and is a popular fast food restaurant in the entire region. Serves fast food and sweet dishes. Specialty – milkshakes and confectionary.

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