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Kerala Holidays

As you travel south of India, leaving behind the lofty peaks of Himalayas, fertile plains of the north and the table land, you are gladly received by the amiable population of Kerala. Straddled along the west coast, this backwater haven is a famous tourist destination in India.

The state of Kerala is squeezed between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, off the southern tip and slightly towards the west. It is one of the three major tourist destinations in the country, the other two being Goa, Rajasthan and the north Indian golden triangle that covers the Taj Mahal. Kerala Holidays allows you a sojourn that is rejuvenating for your body and soul.

The history of Kerala is not much inspiring and you will rarely find a historical attraction here. Much of what we know about Kerala today is based on legends. According to a famous legend, Kerala was an Asura kingdom ruled by Mahabli. Another popular legend pronounces Kerala as having been created from the waters after the deity, Parasurama, threw his battle axe in the sea.

The earliest accounts and references suggest that the region was a popular among Greeks and Romans, who considered it as the spice-capital. The spices produced in the region were famous in the entire medieval period and a lot of merchants after sailing thousands of miles would reach Kerala for spices. On Kerala Holidays you may like to visit the famous plantation sites and spice centres.

Kerala with its surrounding region was ruled by Chera kings and it was them who gave a distinct identity to Keralites that differentiated them from Tamils. In the medieval period, the state thrived as an important centre where Europeans travelled often to buy spices. It was at this time that missionaries arrived at Kerala. It was first occupied by Dutch, followed by Portuguese. The region eventually came under British control till Indian independence.

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