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Kenya Holidays

The Republic of Kenya is situated at the equator in East Africa and borders Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Sudan. Blessed with numerous wildlife reserves, boasting thousands of wildlife species, holidays in Kenya can be blissful. Named after Mount Kenya, this beautiful mountainous landscape is blessed with enchanting scenery all around. It is a haven for locals and tourists alike, which is clear from the fact that a huge number of tourists throng to this beautiful African country for vacations, sightseeing tours, wildlife tours, basking in the sun on one of the most serene beaches in the world. Africa is known as a Big Game continent and Kenya simply stands up to that level.

Though a small country, Kenya is rich in diversity.  This savannah parkland has a lot to offer to the tourists on holidays in Kenya. Kenya is the portrait of a country residing in the modern day world but unchanged from within and deeply connected with its roots. Overall, it gives the image of a very old land, full of wildlife, forests and forest dwellers, which remain unchanged since time immemorial and comprise most of the native population of this magical African nation. The beautiful land of Kenya intersected by the equator into two halves, interspersed with towering mountains, flooded by a number of lakes, desiccated by a vast desert, covered up by a thick equatorial flora, surrounded by wide serene beaches and tranquil oceanic waters and beautiful coral reef, inhabited by a variety of fauna and flocked by hordes of tourists offers immense opportunities for adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, safari, discovery and whatever you can wish for. Yes, Kenya holidays are for everyone.

General Etiquette in Kenya

Be familiar with the word Jambo, which is the simplest way of greeting. Tourists on holidays to Kenya are often greeted by this word. A little knowledge of Swahili will help a traveller relish his Kenya holidays. This is one thing that thrills most Kenyans about visitors, seeing them attempting to speak their beloved language. In coastal areas, the locals consider it unethical for women to wear shorts or short sleeved shirts. To be on the safer side, always seek local advice. Tipping is considered a gift in Kenya.

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