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Kas Holidays

With beautiful verdant mountains and proximity to many sun-kissed beaches, the fishing town of Kas features charming whitewashed Ottoman style houses along narrow winding streets. The surrounding pine forests make holidays in Kas truly refreshing.

The small yet fascinating fishing and yachting town at Kas is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts along the southern coast of Turkey. There are a number of rocky beaches in Kas along the Mediterranean Sea. Most of these beaches are small, with width of hardly 10 m. Nevertheless, the beaches are great for sunbathing and swimming. The free sun loungers by the many waterfront restaurants and caf├ęs make up for cool places to hang out and have food, snacks and drinks right on the beach.

Kas is a hub for adventure holidays too. From walking and mountaineering to diving and waterskiing, Kas holidays offer many activities for the adventure-loving holidaymaker. In fact, Kas gives all the possible delights of a mountain as well as beach holiday. Day trips to historic sites and places of interest are undertaken. The local time in Kas is 2 hours ahead of the GMT.

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