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Kalymnos Attractions and Activities

Things To Do

Kalymnos holidays are filled with fun filled activities. The major attraction about this island is the rocky terrain and cliffs. Many rock climbing enthusiasts visit Kalymnos for this reason. You could try it out for yourself. If not, then you can always walk or hike through the mountains. There are so many things to see on Greek holidays if you just go for walks on the islands. Kalymnos has mountains, green valleys, beaches and fishing villages that you can explore on foot.

You can enjoy a variety of water sports on Kalymnos holidays. You can go wind surfing, canoeing, fishing and sailing from the beaches in Pothia. Scuba diving is another exciting adventure as you can see many underwater wonders like reefs, wrecks and caverns. The marine life is amazing and you can see it all wonderfully well in the clear water.

Daytrips and excursions make up a large part of Kalymnos holidays. You can either go on foot or by bus to see the various historical sites, old churches and other places of interest. You can take a boat and sail down to the little islets that are all around Kalymnos. These islets are perfect to spend some quiet time on your own or with your companions.

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