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Kalymnos Holidays

The Greek Dodecanese Islands are a cluster of many beautiful islands worth visiting. Kalymnos is one of these lovely islands. Kalymnos holidays are a mixture of great adventure and peaceful relaxation. The mountainous terrain, green forests and sandy beaches make it an ideal location for your Greek island holidays. There are several little islets around Kalymnos which you can travel to by boat to enjoy the relatively untouched beaches.

Whether you want relaxed Greek island holidays or holidays filled with fun and adventure, Kalymnos is the place for you. Its rocky terrain makes for great rock climbing and hiking. Many rock climbing enthusiasts love Kalymnos holidays for the wonderful experience. Another main feature of Kalymnos holidays is the sponge fishing. This is a major industry for the locals. Local divers have been diving for sponges for many years and there is even an annual festival which celebrates the departure of these fishermen.

The capital city of Kalymnos or Pothia, has a mixture of old traditional buildings and new modern houses and villas. This makes it a very charming city indeed. On your Kalymnos holidays, you can visit the traditional villages like Vathis, which is in a lovely green valley. There are many beaches on Kalymnos, some are sandy and some with pebbles. Kalymnos holidays should include visits to the museums, the old monasteries and historical sites.

Places To See

There are a few places worth seeing on your Kalymnos holiday. There are a few museums for you to spend time in. One is the Nautical Museum. This museum has exhibits which give you a detailed look at the sponge fishing history of the island. It even has many sea sponges on display. You could even drop in to the sponge factory and see how sponges are processed before being sold or exported. The archaeological museum has interesting artefacts from the Bronze Age as well as local memorabilia.

Greek holidays at Kalymnos are incomplete without a visit to the historical sites on the island. The “Shelter of the Nymphs” is a very interesting site. It is a cave which has a legend behind it. It is said that seven maidens used that cave as shelter when pirates had raided the island. These maidens were never seen again. The cave is also known as the “Cave of the Seven Virgins”. There are signs of ancient worship where people offered a drink to the maidens through holes in the wall where they believed they were trapped for eternity.

The old churches and monasteries are places you must visit on Kalymnos holidays. The church of St John, Emborios Chapel and the monastery of Agios Savvas are just some of the beautiful buildings with traditional architecture.

There are some villages that you must visit on your Greek island holidays. These villages are lovely seaside destinations for cheap Greek holidays. The village of Massouri has a long beach which is extremely popular among tourists. Pothia town is situated along a bay and surrounded by mountains. It is very scenic and also the most populated part of the island. The beaches like Emporio beach, Myrties and Kantouni are a must see on your Kalymnos holidays.

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