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Kalamata Holidays

Well, when you talk about holidays in Greece, you talk about places of history. So, why not make a Greek holiday to a place that is a kind of exemption, in that it is one of the least referred to in history books about Greece? This is Kalamata, the place in which there is enough history, but not the classical kind normally associated with most of the rest of the Greek islands. While many regions and parts of Greece find mention in books that date to several millennia; Kalamata finds mention in books that were written much more recently, relatively speaking. There are references to Kalamata in books that are only about three centuries old. This is no doubt a short span for a country such as Greece! So, when taking Greek holidays to this island that is located in the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece and is the capital of the Messenia prefecture, keep in mind the fact that you will be entering a young place in the Greek islands that is full of beaches, churches and lots of attractions and

Cheap holidays to Kalamata can begin with a little etymology. The nomenclature is associated with a statue of the Virgin Mary. This is believed to have had such wonderfully attractive eyes that the church in which this idol was placed often used to be a reason for which people used to visit this town. The Greek word that this town takes its name from literally translates into “beautiful eyes”. However, as fate would have it, an inferno (or some natural disaster) struck Kalamata and swept away everything this town had. But the miracle was that this statue alone survived, and so did its beautiful, mesmerising eyes! We don’t really know where this statue today is, but the eyes are believed to have been so enchanting (a la Mona Lisa’s haunted smile perhaps) that they became the inspiration for such creations in other parts of Europe, namely Spain and Italy! This should give some idea of the beauty of these eyes, and along with it, the best reason to enjoy holidays in Greece!

General Etiquette in Kalamata

As in the rest of the Greek islands, etiquette centres round good tipping. Tips of 10 to 15 percent are common and generally considered acceptable. While some general local customs are expected, such as refraining from picking teeth in public; service in hotels in Kalamata is considered pedestrian by western European standards. This is another important fact anyone making any kind of holiday to Kalamata – last minute holidays; holidays; cheap holidays; package holidays; luxury holidays; holiday packages; cheap holidays; package holidays or holiday packages could keep in mind.

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