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Kakopetria Holidays

Kakopetria is one of the most striking mountain resorts in Cyprus. Kakopetria is nestled in the highest part of the Solea Valley, north of the Troodos Mountains. Located at more than 2000ft above the ground, Kakopetria offers stunning sceneries, an enchanting old town quarter and a new modern resort.

Kakopetria’s old medieval town clings to the steep hill side of the Troodos, sandwiched between rivers and overlooking a deep gorge. This lovely mountain resort can be divided into two distinct parts – Kakopetria Old Town with its narrow cobbled streets and winding stone lanes adorned by traditional houses…and the newer modern resort, well stashed with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars and a range of accommodation options.

Kakopetria’s old town boasts a rich historical heritage. A holiday in Kakopetria is incomplete without visiting the 6th century Byzantine church of Theotokos, and the old town streets lined with traditional balconied houses. Kakopetria’s colorful markets and countryside are equally enticing, and there are several pleasant walking paths around its fruit orchards, vineyards and old town.

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