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Jumeirah Beach Holidays

Want a little piece of the west on your Dubai holidays? Then, take a trip to Jumeirah Beach! Dubai beach holidays are unthinkable without Jumeirah Beach, perhaps the most upwardly mobile neighbourhood of all of Dubai. Jumeirah Beach should easily rank as one of the top destinations in terms of opulence in lifestyle anywhere in the UAE, which boasts other affluent cities like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, or for that matter, anywhere in the Middle East itself. This then is Jumeirah Beach for you in a nutshell. Your holidays in Dubai are never complete without a visit to Jumeirah Beach. Jumeirah Beach should be a mandatory item on the luxury holidays menu!

Jumeirah Beach is located in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. Dubai package holidays should take you to this high-end, ultra posh residential locality that gained fame for being a locus into which expatriates, particularly the rich and famous, especially from the west, started settling down from about the 1960’s onwards. By the next decade or so, Jumeirah Beach’s transformation from being a centre for Arab fishermen to an upscale locality was complete, making it the ideal spot for luxury holidays. In fact, it became a centrepiece of Dubai beach holidays when it acquired the epithet, Chicago Beach, although some people would like to point out that this was because of the presence of the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company. So closely associated has Jumeirah Beach become with affluence that today, an average Emirati would associate the word ‘Jumeirah’ with anything that is classy and rich! So, never miss out on Jumeirah Beach on your Dubai holiday packages.

General Etiquette in Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach has a strictly Islamic code of public behaviour. One is not expected to dress skimpily or show disrespect to the natives of this place by shouting at them. Most hotels have Sales Tax included in the bill, although the opposite can also be true in some others. So, when the tourist is making all inclusive holidays or last minute holidays or holiday packages to Dubai, these factors need to be kept in mind.

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