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Johnsons Point Holidays

Johnsons Point holidays are relaxing beach holidays in southwest Antigua. The waters are tranquil and the beaches are secluded. Families love visiting Johnsons Point. With beautiful tropical scenery and colourful fishes, the buoyant atmosphere is appealing and soothing. Whether you want to go snorkelling, visit historic sites or relax by the beach, there are plenty of activities to engage in Caribbean holidays. Clear pristine waters, tropical climate and a very Caribbean atmosphere make your Johnsons Point holidays a truly memorable experience.

Dry tropical climate with refreshing winds make the beach sunny and inviting. Natural trails, rich marine culture and history, boat excursions are entertaining. Exploring the land and waters make the Johnsons Point holidays heady and elating. Delicious cuisines at fancy restaurants and beach bars add to a perfect Caribbean holiday. Johnsons Point holidays are an ideal combination of rum punch, live music, spectacular sunsets, thrilling water sports and a relaxing beach.   
Johnsons Point - Perfect Caribbean Holiday

Initially, Johnsons Point used to belong to the Turners family. It was Turners beach until it became available to the public. Johnsons Point holidays are Caribbean holidays that are full of sunshine, beach and mesmerizing views of the volcanic island Montserrat. Resorts, hotels, B&B, cottages offer pleasant and luxurious accommodation for both families and couples. The hotels are located within walking distance of shops, beaches and restaurants. Though Johnsons Point is not highly sophisticated, the charming atmosphere makes it a highly suitable Caribbean holiday destination.

Beach bars and restaurants provide outdoor seating and a casual environment. A meal in one of these is relaxing after an exciting day at the beach. They serve refreshing drinks and seafood. Some of them even pack scrumptious picnic lunches. The resort may seem secluded but gets crowded in the season. Snorkelling, sun bathing, fishing, diving and windsurfing are some of the popular water sports. Water enthusiasts enjoy Johnsons Point holidays as the climate is conducive throughout the year. There are plenty of natural trails lined with banana trees (called figs), mango trees, sugarcane and coconut palms. The entire atmosphere is serene and typically Caribbean. Museums, sugar plantations, windmills are all located nearby. Beach lovers find Johnsons Point holidays, an incredible pleasure. 

General etiquette in Johnsons Point

Johnsons Point has a warm and friendly atmosphere. There are regular tourists who make excellent companions. There may be drug traffickers; so beware of them. Remember to pack light clothing, sunscreens and mosquito repellent creams for a Caribbean holiday. A small tip to the waiters, taxi drivers and casino dealers is normally appreciated.

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