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Jelsa Holidays

The town of Jelsa is situated on a quite bay in Hvar Island, Croatia. This town is amidst mountains, with St. Nikola on the west and Hum on the east and Vrh, Samotorac and Gozd on the southern side with Burkovo hills on the northern side. With abundant fresh water due to dense forests of pine on the southern side, Jelsa holidays offer a chance to enjoy the nature.

Jelsa was a port for the village of Pitve. It then became a ship building centre in the 19th century and now a tourist centre. If you arrive by sea you will see the lighthouses called Pumpurela and Iga welcoming you to this heavenly abode during holidays to Jelsa. The unspoiled Mediterranean vegetation along with mouth-watering local cuisine and good wines will make your Jelsa holidays truly divine. The hidden wooden coves here are ideal for swimming and relaxation. Holidays in Jelsa offer visit to many small islands and coves with a well indented coastline. The coves here are sandy, pebbly or rocky surrounded by forests of pine.

General Etiquette

It is considered good to wish Croatians by their titles and surname instead of he first name. You can greet them by saying ‘dobro jutro’, good morning, ‘dobro dan’, good day, ‘dobro veeer’, good evening. Table manners in Croatia are casual as they love talking between meals.

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