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Jebel Ali Beach Holidays

Jebel Ali Beach is a beach that is unique and like no other. Want to know what is so special about it? It is unique simply because it is the world’s largest manmade harbour. What also makes Jebel Ali Beach unique is the fact that in this small space, it has offices of at least five thousand corporate entities from more than a 100 countries! How’s that for some business on your Dubai holidays? Jebel Ali Beach’s wonders don’t end here. Jebel Ali Beach is also famous as the safest and most secure US military base outside the US. As this piece of statistics suggests, Jebel Ali Beach is a must-see for the tourist from the west. But there is more to Jebel Ali Beach than just business and the military. Read on to discover more of this lovely port town, the gem of the Middle East, that is flanked by places such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi as siblings.

When in Jebel Ali Beach, the tourist on holidays in Dubai is sure to find a lot more than the military base and corporate multinationals set in glittering high rise buildings. Dubai package holidays would give you some idea of how far and how quickly development has been taking place in Jebel Ali Beach. It was chosen as a site for a development project by the Dubai government as late as 1977. Within a couple of decades, it had metamorphosed into one of the thriving business centres not only in the region, but anywhere in the world. Jebel Ali Village was first started as a free port. In less than a decade, the development branched out into what came to be called the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ). It is around this area that all tourist attractions have been built, simply because it attracts people from all over the world like moth to a light. So, the international tourist on cheap Dubai holidays is sure to get more than to bargain for in Jebel Ali Beach, a port that knows as much about the western taste as does the west itself! This is the kind of surprise Dubai holiday packages deliver.

General Etiquette in Jebel Ali Beach

Unlike in beaches in the west, there are strict dress codes for people visiting Jebel Ali Beach. Wearing bikinis and other scanty materials is prohibited. The tipping practice is also different, as it is not considered compulsory here. Inclusion of the 10 percent Sales Tax in the bill is dependent on the individuals, so you could check beforehand.

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