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Jamaica Restaurants and dining

What to eat - Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica's food reflects the principle of "Out of many, one people". Different people from varied cultures have contributed to the Jamaican culinary art. Its diet is surprisingly varied from fiery jerk meat, the island's best food to its tasty seafood and vegetarians can relish on sautéed cabbage and carrots with rice and peas.

The restaurants at Jamaica come under two types. The first one is mainly managed by locals and presents a limited menu of West Indian delicacies. On the other hand, tourist restaurants have a menu that is well suited for American and European palates. Jamaicans gorge the highly addictive Ackee and saltfish at the breakfast. Chicken and fish remain the main hot dishes for lunch and dinner. Seafood is one of the Jamaican delights with tasty fresh lobster and it regularly features on every well known restaurant menu. Patties are their well known snack and they prefer bun and cheese combo. They also like taking foods at roadsides and they never miss out a cup of fish tea during long journeys. Its water is safe to drink and locally bottled spring water is available everywhere. Relish its Blue Mountain coffee that is one of the best and most expensive in the world. Its national beer is the finest Red stripe, which is refreshing and has less alcoholic content. For a change, you can sip a glass of Heineken.

Where to eat – Jamaica Holidays

Savour the local and international cuisines in these restaurants:
•    Twisted Kilt Lounge: Close to beach, this spot in Montego Bay offers ice cold beer, cordial staff and sumptuous food. During Jamaica holidays savour the Irish cuisine and enjoy the breath taking Oceanside view from the patio.
•    Evitas, Ocho Rios: Simply the best place to dine during Jamaica holidays and relish the nice portions of Chinese delicacies. Food, service and ambience are the finest among other restaurants.
•    Pork Pit, Montego Bay: Savour the best jerk chicken offered at a reasonable price and travellers on Jamaica holidays can relish the tasty local food dishes.
•    Scotchie’s, Ocho Rios: With alfresco dining it offers cheap and authentic jerk dishes such as jerk chicken and jerk pork. This inexpensive eatery is a favourite spot for economy class travellers.
•    Ivan's Bar & Restaurant, Negril: Great food in an elegant ambience. During Jamaica holidays do not miss this people friendly restaurant.
•    Xtabi Resort, Negril: It offers cliff side dining and travellers on Jamaica holidays can explore the caves while waiting for ordered food to come.
•    Toscanini's Restaurant, Ocho Rios: All the dishes are made of fresh ingredients and travellers can enjoy a first class meal amidst rich ambience. During Jamaica holidays, you can check out its delicious Italian pasta.
•    Sips & Bites, Negril: Best value for your hard earned money. First class food and service with quality of food that is hard to beat.

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