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Jamaica Getting there and around

Getting around during Jamaica holidays

Getting around the Caribbean's third largest island is not always easy. It is better you get the assistance of Jamaican Union of Traveller's Association (JUTA) when you want to travel across town or across the island. You can rent a bike and explore the Jamaican mountains or can rent a scooter for comfortable city trips. With a guide map you can rent a car and roam around the town. For a fine and breath taking cruise, take ferry boats to watch unusual places across the seaside. JUTA ensures your safety if you travel on licensed cars and taxis. A train regularly runs between Kingston and Montego Bay and use minibuses that are available every now and then.

How to reach there – Jamaica Holidays

International airports are present in Montego Bay and Kingston. Donald Sangster International Airport receives the maximum number of visitors and it is about three km north of Montego Bay. Norman Manley International Airport is at 18 Km southeast of Kingston. There is a Jamaica Tourist board information booth and a round-the-clock currency exchange bureau for travellers on their Jamaican Holidays. It is to be noted that from UK it takes eight hours to reach Montego Bay and nine hours to reach Kingston.

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