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Ithaca Holidays

Ithaca is one of the islands in the Greek Ionian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a peaceful and less inhabited island which provides you with wondrous natural beauty and attractions. Ithaca is close to the more popular island of Kefalonia and you can travel between the two islands easily by boat. If you are looking for peaceful Greek island holidays or a relaxed late deals holiday, Ithaca is the place for you.

Ithaca is not one of the crowded islands, in fact most of it is untouched and retains its natural beauty and an old world charm. The quaint little fishing villages scattered all over the island and the small white sandy beaches are all worth visiting on your Greek island holidays. Ithaca holidays are ideal if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. There is so much peace and quiet on the island that it refreshes you completely.

There are several monasteries, small sandy and pebbled beaches, and traditional villages in Ithaca. You will find lots to see and do on your Ithaca holidays. The island is mountainous and has a few pine forests and olive groves. It is also believed to be the home of Odysseus and you will find many interesting sites related to it. The beaches are not as grand and large as most of the other Greek islands but they are still worth visiting.

The capital of Ithaca is Vathi which is also a natural harbour. This is the first point of entry into Ithaca. There are a few restaurants and bars at Vathi which you can visit on your Ithaca holidays. If you think you have too much peace and quiet, there are even a couple of nightclubs there to let your hair down. Ithaca holidays offer you a very relaxed time and is ideal for a romantic getaway or quiet Greek island holiday with family.

Places Of Interest

Ithaca has a few places that you should visit. It has museums and archaeological sites where you can spend a lot of time. The museums have old artefacts as well as traditional household items, furniture and clothes.  The sites associated with the famous epic The Odyssey are the main attractions on Ithaca holidays. The fountain of Arethousa, the Cave of Nymphs and field of Laertes are the most prominent sites to visit on Ithaca holidays. You can also visit the ruins of the castle of Odysseus which will require quite a bit of walking.

There are also two ruins of forts which you can see on your Greek island holidays at Ithaca. These are Kastro and Loutsa and were built by the French in 1805. They are located at either side of the harbour.

Some of the small beaches in Ithaca are lovely to just sit and relax on and watch the day go by. Beaches at Frikes, Vathi and Kioni are especially charming. There are several bays and small coves around the island and you can spend your Ithaca holidays just basking in the sun. You can choose Zip Holidays for some good late deals holidays at Ithaca.

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