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Ireland Restaurants and dining

Aroma, Donegal: With home made cakes and bread besides the sumptuous and delectable food that even passes the best of the restaurants' food, Aroma is a restaurant to eat out at during Ireland holidays. The salads and the pastas are extremely popular here.

Queen of tarts, Dublin: With their sumptuous pastries and desserts, Queen of tart is a small yet lovely restaurant to try out during Ireland holidays.

Abalone Restaurant, Galway: Seating only about 20 people in one sitting and away from the mainstream centre, Abalone serves some of the most delectable food with sorbets.

Chapter Forty, Killarney: Serving continental food, Chapter Forty has an amazing atmosphere and offers some great options on its exhaustive menu.

The Grapevine Cafe/ Winebar, Kilkenny: With its assortment of tapas and great wine selection, the Grapevine is a welcome break from fish and chips.

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