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Ireland Attractions and Activities

Dublin: Rightly called the greatest city in Europe, Dublin due to the latest economic surge has become home to the most varied of immigrants and exhibits a rich cosmopolitan verve to it. Once on Ireland holidays don’t forget to visit its many museums, lush parks besides reserving time to interact with the all time witty Dubliners.

Connemara: With its glittering lakes, isolated valleys and bogs, Connemara is the ideal place during Ireland holidays to witness the scenic wealth of this insular nation.

Aran Islands: Located at a comfortable distance from the mainland Ireland, these islands house exotic flora and scenic landscape. The hilltops offer the best views of the island and house many of the forts and vestiges of stone huts build in the shape of igloos. The island is an ideal place for biking and walking to explore the vast pervasive beauty of the country during the Ireland holidays. Inishmor, Inisheer are worth visiting and offer you an experience of timelessness.

Brú Na Bóinne: This is the site of some of the most exquisite achievements of the prehistoric man. Primarily a burial site of the people high in the social order, the necropolis once had some of the biggest architecture displays of its time. They were built almost a 1000 years before the Stone Hedge and Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are the most principal sites.

Derry: Not the prettiest but its riverside orientation and an aura of optimism render this city a surprising difference from the mainstream cities of Ireland. The lively pubs and the music scene is a must experience during Ireland holidays.

Glen Gesh Pass: This gorgeous glaciered valley offers a gorgeous alpine magic in Donegals. During Ireland holidays, Glengesh pass will offer you spectacular vistas of Ardara.

Clonmacnoise: Being Ireland’s most important monastic city, the city has a number of churches, high towers and graves well preserved to surprise you with their radiance and galore. The nearby marshes known as Shannon Callows are home to many wild plants and refuge to Corncrake, an endangered relative of coot. A visit here is a must for flora observers during their Ireland holidays.

Kilkenny: This colourful city celebrates its youthful spirit with all its shopping centres, breweries and pubs. With modern infrastructure and attitude fused in the medieval settings, Kilkenny I san awesome city to visit during Ireland holidays.

Rock of Cashel: This heritage site located in Cashel is house to much historical architecture. Fortified Town halls, monasteries, Cathedrals and a 21st century library are located nearby.

Galway: One of the fastest growing cities of Ireland, Galway will inspire with its liveliness and its people. With buskers, boozers and festivals all around, the energy of the city will intoxicate you during Ireland holidays.

West Belfast: It’s that city of Ireland where the party never stops. On the way to regeneration after years of tussles and differences, Belfast with its Peace line has come a long way for tourism. With Bombay Street, Shankill Road et al are great tourism drawers too.

Ennis: Nestled on the banks of River Fergus, Ennis is a commercial centre with loads of options of food, accommodation and music. Traditional music and folklores are extremely popular in this lively city during Ireland holidays.

Killarney National Park: Be here during your Ireland holidays to explore the natural wealth of flora and fauna coexisting in a never seen before embellishment. One can witness the rare Red Deer, Oak trees and most of the mountains from this natural bank.

Skellig Michael: Housing one of the oldest monasteries, categorised as the World Heritage Site, this island offers some of the best vistas and has magnetised tourists for a long time now. The island is home to some exotic birds and is a must visit place during Ireland holidays.

Beara Peninsula: This rural and disjointed part of Ireland offers the break from the hustle bustle of the mainstream tourism. The peninsula has for long preserved its old charm from the onslaught of modern day facilities and yet espouses modernism with open arms. The friendly domiciles make for a perfect serene pace to visit during holidays to Ireland

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