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Ireland Holidays

Amicability runs amidst the most spectacularly endowed scenery of Ireland. The verdure and the ever helping people complement beautifully the unspoilt world of lush parks, vibrant walks and age old traditions. Holidays to Ireland will bring you face to face with gorgeous natural sites from the wind-lashed Beara Peninsula to the awesome landscape of County Derry. With Dublin as its capital and its thumping nightlife Ireland holidays will have nature fused into modernity seamlessly.

Ireland remained sheeted with ice till the end of the glacial period and with tribes moving in, agriculture arrived. Gaels divided the insular nation into five regions and cultivated the Brehon law that lived up till the 17th century. Gaels architecture lives even today and is the hallmark of Ireland. Vikings followed suits and the red hair and freckles could be traced down to them.

The ‘800 years’ English rule started in 1169 and further shaped the culture and the history of Ireland. It gained its identity as Ireland in 1937.

With an area of 84412 square km, Ireland is topographically varied and the beauty in diversity is accentuated by the highly assorted flora and fauna of the land. The coast is brimmed by mountains which envelop the low lying central plains. The frequent rain and mild climate nurtures lush vegetation that gives a unique identity to this Emerald island nation.

This nation has been inhabited for more than 9,000 years and Vikings, English, Normans and Scots add to the genetic pool of the land. Majority of the population is Catholic (nearly 73%) and the rest are Protestants. English besides Irish are the two languages people converse in.

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