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Incekum Holidays

Situated on the sun-soaked Turquoise Coast in Turkey, Incekum is great for family beach holidays. Incekum holidays are safe for your children because of its soft sands and gradual slant into the water.

Incekum is a part of the Mediterranean Coast in Southern Turkey and is an offshoot of the bustling resort at Alanya. Because of the beautiful blue waters of the sea, the area around Incekum is called the Turquoise Coast. The bay and sandy beaches are ideal for playing with children, lounging around, sunbathing and water sports. Turkey lies in the EET time zone which has a difference of +2 hours from GMT. Please remember that Turkey is a unique blend of the East and the West – while modesty is appreciated in terms of dressing up, it is also customary for men and women to greet each other with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 


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