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Hvar Holidays

Of the many islands in the Adriatic Sea, the sunniest is the Island of Hvar. Beautiful and covered by Pine trees, lavender, olives and vineyards, this island is different from all the other Islands in Croatia. The lush vegetation on this island also makes Hvar holidays the most eco-friendly Croatian destination. Its natural landscapes enriched with its vegetation create a magnificent picture during holidays to Hvar. Also, adding to its beauty is the pristine blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, which surround it.

Hvar is one of the most visited islands in Croatia. The islands culture dates back to 3500 BC to 2500BC. Holiday in Hvra unveil its vineyards and the home made wine it produces. Viticulture was introduced here in the 16th century. Hvar holidays are also famous for local architecture. Its rich culture and diversity has been inculcated through various centuries. Tourists from all over the world come on Hvar holidaya to see this rich Mediterranean heritage.

General Etiquette

Be sure to wish Croatians by their titles and surname instead of he first name. Greet them by saying ‘dobro jutro’, good morning, ‘dobro dan’, good day, ‘dobro veeer’, good evening. Table manners in Croatia are casual as they love talking between meals.

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