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Huatulco Holidays

Huatulco is a blooming holiday spot situated in Oaxaca state of Mexico at the Pacific coast. Huatulco holidays focus on the nine bays which earned the place the name Bahias de Huatulco which was later shortened to Huatulco. Located at the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains foot hills, Huatulco looks stunning with 20 miles of Pacific coastline in front and the mountains on background. This beautiful holiday destination was formerly renowned for coffee plantations which are found in large numbers in Huatulco.

Enticing Huatulco

Tourists on Huatulco holidays can enjoy great beach holidays with a multitude of bays and beaches to choose from. The numerous coffee plantations provide visual treat to tourists on Huatulco holiday. This developing holiday spot is following the footsteps of renowned Cancun in an attempt to emerge as its competitor in tourism sector. The aim of Huatulco is to develop as the cleanest holiday spot which sees the convergence of “green zones” with populated areas. Huatulco is not crowded and its night life is tepid. There are numerous shops in Huatulco selling handicrafts. Tourists on Huatulco holidays can also explore nearby resort towns known for splendid beaches.      

General Etiquette in Huatulco

In Huatulco it is advisable to give a tip of 10% of the bill amount to the waiter.  The cab driver and the maid who serves a drink at the hotels also should be given a tip.

After shopping tourists are expected to pay the money directly to the staff instead of placing it on the payment counter as it is considered rude.   

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