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Hua Hin Holidays

Hua Hin is a beach resort in Thailand. It is one of the popular travel destinations and is about 200 km from Bangkok. The resort town is not only popular with foreign guests but is loved by the local travellers also. The beautiful beach at Hua Hin stretches about 5 km and appeals to people looking beach holidays in Thailand.

Some of the popular resorts near Hua Hin include Cha Am and Amphoe Pran Buri which are also popular with tourists visiting Hua Hin beach. The resort town offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to the travellers which are some of the things which make it popular with the travellers. The beautiful atmosphere and the sandy white beaches also play their part in attracting the travellers.

Hua Hin Resort

Hua hin is one of the oldest Thai resorts which give a taste of traditional Thai culture. It was earlier a fishing village which was turned into a resort by King Rama VII in 1920 who built his summer palace here.

Hua Hin holidays do not offer much to people looking for night life. But it does appeal to golf lovers and to those looking for peaceful and serene holidays in Thailand. The sandy white beaches allow the travellers to lounge under the parasols or the large beach while the vendors take care of their hunger pangs. The beaches here are lively and are full of activities which may appeal to people of all age groups.

There are a number of golf courses here which appeals to people looking for golf holidays in Hua Hin. Thus Hua Hin is a perfect resort that offers an enjoyable time to everyone.

General Etiquette in Hua Hin

People in Thailand are laid back, friendly and are not very rigid. This applies to people in Hua Hin as well. But at the same time, travellers on Hua Hin holidays are advised not to comment against the royal family as that is not accepted and may lead to strong opposition. Thai people are very religious as well and therefore the tourists should make sure that the follow the norms when at temples or when addressing the monks here.

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