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Hong Kong Holidays

The moment you enter the harbour area you can’t help staring at the towering skyscrapers. The city looks more fascinating at the night time with millions of scintillating lights giving it a psychedelic appearance. The modern infrastructure embraces its numerous business centres, five star hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades, banking institutions, etc. There is little doubt about the fact that Hong Kong has some of the best and the most sophisticated restaurants in the world.

Hong Kong Holidays takes you to the Wall Street of Asia, the financial centre with Western features but located in the East. It has a cosmopolitan character with the city highlights urbanised to the fullest. It is a sea facing territory, located on the south coast of China and comprises of islands and peninsular landmass. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, with the territory being largely a self-governing entity.

The unique blend of East and West that travellers witness at Hong Kong is because of its colonial history. Hong Kong was a British colony for over one and a half century, except for a brief stint when it was occupied by Japan. It was handed over to China in the year 1997. The region has retained the values embedded to it by the colonial domination. It may seem ironic that this small capitalist centre is administered by one of the hardcore communist states. But that is what makes one more contradiction about Hong Kong. Most holiday makers club their holidays to Maldives or Kerala holidays with holidays to Hong Kong because of the proximity of the two locations. Also, both destinations allow entry to British passport holders without a visa.

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