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Looking for a great Honeymoon destination? Our Honeymoon destinations page lists the world's top honeymoon destinations for fantastic, romantic honeymoons.


Located to the north of the Islands of Guadaloupe and Montserrat, it’s the sunniest island in the entire Eastern Caribbean and home to friendly English speaking folk. Just 280 sq. km in area, this prosperous island has a population of about 69,000 people, over 90% of whom are of African descent or Mulattoes.

An exciting Honeymoon holidays destination with pleasant climate throughout the year, its rainy season lasts from September to November, while Hurricane season is from June to November. The northeast winds are your companion year round and make the trees sway lazily. The combination of sun, sand and surf make it one of the best honeymoon destinations.

Places of interest on Antigua Honeymoon holidays

Located in South-Eastern Antigua, English Harbour is a bustling yacht marina that once served as an important British naval base and is a great place to visit on your Honeymoon holidays. This historically rich site has museums and hilltop forts along with great sailing and boating activities.

Dickenson Bay in Northern Antigua is another attraction on honeymoon holidays with a beautiful white-sand beach and perfect conditions for a refreshing swim. An important windsurfing hub of the island, it features great open air restaurants and water sports booths.

Situated in the Indian Town National Park, Devil’s Bridge is an amazing natural bridge that has been carved by the surf over the ages. This beautiful national park is a must-visit on your Honeymoon holidays.

Half Moon Bay is a crescent bay with a mile long pink-sand beach that offers a beautiful natural setting and tranquil surroundings. It’s a great spot for snorkelling and windsurfing that’s often included in people’s favourite honeymoon destinations.


Located in a beautiful setting on the Nile’s eastern bank with historical Luxor 80 miles to the north, Aswan is among the most idyllic honeymoon destinations where couples can enjoy relaxing views and Nubian music as they relish freshly caught fish on floating restaurants. It is one of the driest cities you’ll come across, and the weather is pleasant from November to March. Nights tend to be quite cool in the peak of winter. The city has no Foreign Embassies, and the British Embassy is in Cairo.

Places of interest on Aswan Honeymoon holidays

Aswan Botanical Garden – This lush garden features exotic tropical flora and several species of beautiful birds on Kitchener’s Island.

Sharia el Souk – A popular street market where couples can experience authentic local ambience up close and choose from souvenirs, spices, jewellery and carvings. It’s certainly among the city’s exciting honeymoon destinations.

Elephantine Island – The city’s oldest inhabited part is home to three Nubian villages and a beautiful Resort.

Unfinished Obelisk – Apparently abandoned due to a design flaw, the obelisk would have weighed 1,200 tons on completion.


This beautiful English speaking country is located to the Southeast of the United States and Northeast to East of Cuba. It consists of thousands of rocks (islets), about 30 islands and over 600 Cays. The capital of Nassau is easily the largest and most populous city and home to Lynden Pindling International Airport. Nassau is most famous among its honeymoon destinations.

Places of interest on Bahamas Honeymoon holidays

Andros Island – The largest of all Bahamian islands, it offers great diving and a casual atmosphere with small, friendly hotels.

Paradise Island – A bridge connects New Providence Island to Paradise Island which is home to beaches to satisfy all tastes, from the crowded to the secluded.

Nassau – The capital features modern Caribbean flavour and Colonial charm with buildings that date back two centuries. No Bahamian honeymoon holidays can do without a trip to this exciting city.

Exumas Islands – This breathtaking maze of cays and islands offers great cruising opportunities and plenty of romantic seclusion on honeymoon holidays.


The spectacular island of Bali lies with Java to its west in Indonesia. It’s home to most of the Indonesian Hindu population and famous for its Dance, Painting, Sculpture and music. Bali also ranks among the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia. It has a warm tropical climate and the rainy season lasts from October to April. Cool breezes refresh you from June to August.

Places of interest on Bali Honeymoon holidays

Temples – Bali is famous for its myriad of beautiful Hindu Temples, with nine (kahyangan jagat) directional temples that protect it from evil spirits.

Ubud – Ubud’s ‘Purl Lukisan’ museum houses a great collection of Balinese Art. The centre of Balinese painting, Ubud has a pleasant climate.

Kuta – It’s a great tourist spot with great surfing, restaurants and discos. Enjoy nightly performances of authentic Balinese dance and music on your honeymoon holidays.

Gianyar – An important centre for the textile industry, traditional Ikat weaving is the specialty here.


The largest city and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is certainly the most favoured among the country’s honeymoon destinations. Thailand holiday packages featuring extensive canal routes, this bustling city is also home to an incredible atmosphere with its mix of Indian, Western and Chinese people. It’s warm throughout the year and maximum rainfall occurs from May to October.

Places of interest on Bangkok Honeymoon holidays

The Grand Palace – Formerly Thai Royalty’s official residence, it’s the most popular tourist spot in the country and is open daily from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Suggested attire – Pants, shirts with sleeves.

Wat Pho – Bangkok’s largest and oldest temple. The gold embossed Buddha symbolises His passing into Nirvana.

Siam Paragon – Bangkok’s foremost upscale shopping mall features gourmet restaurants, luxury retailers, a top-class aquarium and a popular movie theatre. Not to be missed on your honeymoon holidays.

Royal City Avenue – A psychedelic part of town and home to great discos and pubs, several of which also feature live music most nights. The Avenue caters to young Thais and large numbers of tourists on weekends. Definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for an exciting evening on your honeymoon holidays.


The capital of Massachusetts and among the oldest cities in the U.S., Boston has a rich history and is a great place to visit on your honeymoon holidays. One of the important Educational centres in America, it’s also rich in culture and features several elaborate theatres as well as many performing groups. The months from June to September are the warmest, while November is the wettest month and maximum snowfall occurs in the months from December to March.

Places of interest on Boston Honeymoon holidays

Freedom Trail – The 5 km long Trail takes in several of the city’s major historic destinations and is highly recommended.

Faneuil Hall – This “Cradle of Democracy” features a military museum with important artefacts as well as a shopping area.

New England Aquarium – Home to over 20,000 fish and other sea-dwellers that represent a total of over 550 species, it opens at 9:00am daily.

Charles River Museum of Industry – Offers you a great window into the history of modern American Inventions.

British Virgin Islands

This English speaking, British overseas territory is in the Caribbean with Puerto Rico to its west and consists of about 60 gorgeous Islands, many of which are volcanic in origin and great for your honeymoon holidays. Road Town, the capital is situated on Tortola Island. Temperatures are warm throughout the year, while rainfall occurs mostly from September to November.

Places of interest on British Virgin Islands Honeymoon holidays

Sage Mountain National Park – The Sage Mountain is the highest peak on the islands and offers beautiful vistas of the British and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Cane Garden Bay Area – Tortola’s party zone has a beautiful mile long beach with several bars and restaurants.

Virgin Gorda – The island of Virgin Gorda is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on the Virgin Islands with great trekking and nice restaurants.


This small nation comprises of seven islands that include the largest island of Grenada, and is located in the northwest of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is St. George’s and is a beautiful place to visit on your honeymoon holidays. The climate is tropical with an average temperature of 28°C. Rainy season lasts from June to December and lightweight tropical and cool summer clothing is recommended.

Places of interest on Grenada Honeymoon holidays

Carriacou – Grenada’s smaller sister island offers you plenty of relaxation in its idyllic environs with superb hiking opportunities and hidden white beaches. It’s among the best honeymoon destinations in Grenada.

St. George’s – This romantic Caribbean city has great colonial buildings, dockside restaurants and a European feel.

Grand Etang National Park – The Park feature a beautiful crater lake and a visitors center that has displays on the local history, flora and fauna.

Petit Martinique – A mile in diameter, the island’s perfect for a relaxing day with plenty of peace.


The capital of Vietnam, it’s also the country’s second largest city. The venerable city is said to have been established in 1010 A.D. and is home to over six million people. The city is Vietnam’s important cultural centre and is among Southeast Asia’s interesting honeymoon destinations. Summers tend to be hot and humid, and last from May to September. Winter is cold and lasts from November to March.

Places of interest on Hanoi Honeymoon holidays

Hoan Kiem Lake – A beautiful park located in the center of town. Watch locals practising Tai chi or just relax and appreciate the scenic view.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre – See wooden puppets recount legends from Vietnamese history as they dance on the water. A very popular honeymoon holidays attraction in Hanoi.

Temple of Literature – The oldest university in Vietnam was established here in 1070.

Presidential Palace – Completed in 1906, it features classic French colonial architecture, and it’s possible to walk on the palace grounds for a fee.

Hong Kong

The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong is located south of the Chinese province of Guangdong and faces the South China Sea. Renowned the world over for its great skyline that has the greatest number of high rise buildings for any city.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting holiday destinations anywhere with its vibrant music, cuisine and sights. Hong Kong’s climate is pleasant during November and December. January and February can get cold, while the period from May to August is quite humid. Tropical cyclones are most likely from July to September.

Places of interest on Hong Kong Honeymoon holidays

Victoria Harbour Cruise – Hong Kong’s amazing skyline is at its finest when you witness it on a boat in the Beautiful harbour. “Symphony of Lights” musical light show is a daily spectacle and a great addition to your romantic evening.

The Peak – A Peak Tram takes you to the top of the peak where an incredible panoramic vista of Hong Kong awaits you.

Stanley Street Market – Choose from arts and crafts, souvenirs and ornaments or enjoy a stroll on the nearby beaches.

Causeway Bay – This jam-packed shopping district on Hong Kong Island’s northern shore has excellent malls, Times Square and Fashion Island Mall. It’s worth a visit for honeymoon holidays shopping.

Kuala Lumpur

The largest city and capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur ranks among the region’s top honeymoon destinations. It has over the last two decades hosted many international cultural, political and sporting events and is an exciting mix of Malays, Indians, Chinese, Ibans and Eurasians. The climate is warm and sunny, and the rainfall abundant from September to April. June and July are somewhat drier but temperatures are constant.

Places of interest on Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon holidays

Petronas Towers – These amazing towers are among the world’s tallest buildings and offer fantastic panoramic views of the city. Among the best honeymoon destinations on your K.L holiday, they are a great experience.

Thean Hou Buddhist Temple – This imposing Buddhist temple is among the most important Chinese temples you’ll find outside the Orient and features superb arches and ornate embellishments.

Royal Palace – Istana Negara or the Royal palace is spread in 28 acres and is a popular tourist picture spot.

Aquaria KLCC – Adjacent to the K.L. city centre, it’s an underwater park with over 250 different species of aquatic and land animals.

Las Vegas

Among the World’s biggest and wildest resort cities, Las Vegas or “The Entertainment Capital of the World” is also a great honeymoon destination. Probably the most famous gambler’s paradise, it also offers great entertainment, fine dining and shopping. Cheap holidays to Las Vegas, often with the intention of spending more in the Casino that on the hotel can be clubbed with a no-frills Honeymoon. The city’s climate is characterised by year-round sunshine and low rainfall. Summers last from June to September and are quite hot, while winters are pleasant but the nights can get cold.

Places of interest on Las Vegas Honeymoon holidays

Grand Canyon National Park – The Park has the immensely famous Grand Canyon and is among the most beautiful destinations worldwide on honeymoon holidays.

The Venetian – The largest AAA resort with a five diamond rating in the U.S., it’s among the most amazing places in this incredible city.

Atomic Testing Museum – Not the most traditional of Honeymoon destinations, it nonetheless provides impressive simulations of observing a nuclear test.

The Forum Shops at Caesars – Perhaps the country’s most successful shopping mall, it offers an excellent experience on your honeymoon holidays.


Comprising of 26 atolls, the beautiful Island nation of Maldives is situated to Sri Lanka’s south west in the Laccadive Sea and offers scenic honeymoon destinations. It’s Asia’s smallest country in area and population and has a predominantly Muslim population. Its climate is quite warm and humid with two monsoons that last from May to October and November to April.

Places of interest on Maldives Honeymoon holidays

Maldives Coral Reefs – Stunning and Exotic, Maldives Coral Reefs offers several peaceful lagoons as well as a plethora of dive sites.

Naifaru – Offers relaxation on your honeymoon holidays, friendly natives, trips to its sand mountains, some shopping and plenty of Maldivian cuisines.

Male - The Maldivian capital is a charming place with nice architecture, museums and is the most populous among Maldives honeymoon destinations.

Thinadhoo – This beautiful island offers tropical greenery and serenity with a low population.


Famous for its beaches, arts and entertainment, the city is on Florida’s south-eastern coast and home to some great honeymoon destinations. With several museums, theatres and parks it is a culturally rich city. Most of its abundant rainfall occurs from May to October and Hurricanes are most likely from June to November. November to April are generally pleasant with less rainfall and tourists from the world over, be it Australia or the Far East, flocking in their thousands.

Places of interest on Miami Honeymoon holidays

Miami Beach – Located across Biscayne Bay from Miami, it’s a famous place with beautiful beaches, excellent Art Deco architecture and a great nightlife.

Vizcaya Museums and Garden – Constructed by James Deering, this beautiful winter residence has excellent gardens and 70 rooms, many of which have superb furniture and paintings. Highly recommended on your honeymoon holidays.

Bayside Marketplace – Enjoy great entertainment as well as over a hundred restaurants and shops.

Nightlife – Miami has a super exciting night life that offers blues bands, Afro-Cuban rhythms, the latest Brazilian funk tunes and a great dance scene.


Connected by a bridge to the mainland, Phuket is located in Andaman Sea and is Thailand’s largest island. Largely mountainous, over half of Phuket is covered by forest, palm oil and rubber plantations. It has several superb beaches and honeymoon destinations. The months from November to March are best to roam on its fine beaches, while April – May are among the hottest months.

Places of interest on Phuket Honeymoon holidays

Phuket FantaSea – Plenty of elephants performing for you, whacky costumes, great shopping and culinary delights. Don’t miss FantaSea on your Phuket Honeymoon holidays.

Old Phuket Town – An interesting mix of Chinese and colonial architecture, Old Phuket Town is a fascinating experience.

Wat Chalong – This beautifully decorated Temple is also one of Phuket’s most important.

Phuket Waterfalls – Surrounded by lush flora, these two waterfalls are great for a dip in the cool water.

San Francisco

Home to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities and honeymoon destinations in the U.S. It is famous for its landmarks, architecture, beaches and parks. April – June and September – October are the best times for a visit to this romantic city.

Places of interest on San Francisco Honeymoon holidays

Golden Gate Bridge – A walk on this amazing marvel of human ingenuity is something that no one should miss.

Fisherman’s Wharf – The Wharf along with Ghirardelli Square and Pier 39 constitutes a major tourist attraction where street performers and souvenir shops offer an unforgettable experience on your honeymoon holidays.

Alcatraz – Not the most romantic of honeymoon destinations, it’s still a very popular attraction.

Cable Cars – The city’s ‘moving landmark’ offers great panoramic vistas that are just waiting to be captured by your camera.


The city of Singapore is the world’s wealthiest city state and with its great attractions such as Sentosa Island also ranks high among exciting modern Honeymoon destinations. Though Singapore has two monsoon seasons that last from December –March and June – September, June – August is a good time for a visit.

Places of interest on Singapore Honeymoon holidays

Sentosa Island – This is Singapore’s foremost island resort and certainly high on our list of honeymoon destinations. Teeming with wildlife, superb attractions and fantastic shopping it’s a great experience.

Fantasy Island – A very popular theme park on Sentosa with inviting waters to cool off if the heat gets to you. Enjoy rides on rafts and fun water slides.

Pulao Ubin – Literally “Granite Island”, its one of the last rural refuges in this beautiful country and offers adventures such as camping and mountain biking on your honeymoon holidays.

Jurong Bird Park – This acclaimed bird zoo is the only one in the world to feature a monorail train.

St Lucia

The Windward Island of St Lucia is northwest of Barbados in the eastern Caribbean Sea. More mountainous than several Caribbean Islands, it has lush tropical greenery and offers truly amazing honeymoon destinations with its drive- in volcano and the famous Piton peaks. Dry season is January – April with cool sea breezes.

Places of interest on St Lucia Honeymoon holidays

Gros and Petit Pitons – A World Heritage Site, the two peaks are famous for their beauty and great diving and a must-visit honeymoon holidays destination.

Soufrière – The beautiful town offers mineral baths, St. Lucia’s drive-in volcano, and beaches that make it one of the most frequented honeymoon destinations in the country.

Castries – The capital is surrounded by mountains and offers duty free shopping, supermarkets and nice restaurants.

Edmund Rainforest Reserve – Enjoy a walk in this beautiful reserve that is home to St Lucia Parrot and exotic plant species such as Honduras Mahogany and Blue Mahoe.

Turks and Caicos Islands

This beautiful British Overseas Island Territory is situated a 1000 km from southeast Miami. Caicos Islands comprise over 95 percent of the land area and 80 percent of the total population. The islands have mangrove swamps, and relatively dry weather that make it a great honeymoon holidays destination.

Places of interest on Turks and Caicos Islands Honeymoon holidays

Trips to middle Caicos – Discover Mudjin Harbour, a superb beach as well as amazing caves, but do stock up on food before you leave.

Salt Cay – If you’re looking for great hiking and some relaxation on your honeymoon holidays, this small island in the Turks Islands fits the bill. It’s also a whale watching paradise from January to April.

Provo – With beautiful beaches, several great bars and restaurants and many Marinas, the island of Provo is one of the best Honeymoon destinations in this beautiful part of the world.

Grand Turk – This Island has the capital, more great beaches and is among the world’s top dive sites.

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