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Hikkaduwa Holidays

Hikkaduwa was originally a fishing village, not more than 30 years ago. Today it is one of Sri Lanka’s liveliest beach resorts on the south-west coast of the island. Unspoiled by brash commercialization, Hikkaduwa is ideal for quiet seaside holidays.

Located 98kms from Colombo, Hikkaduwa beach flaunts a fine swath of white sand. Water sport activities, especially underwater sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, are extremely popular in Hikkaduwa.  The Indian Ocean at Hikkaduwa also attracts a good number of surfers. 2kms north of Hikkaduwa is located a small turtle research centre. This private research centre works with local villagers to protect endangered turtle species. Turtle eggs and turtles at different stages of progression can be seen here. If you are lucky, you may be just in time to behold some freshly hatched turtles. The big Green Turtles can also be seen in the turtle farm.

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