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Hammamet Holidays

Hammamet in Tunisia, North Africa is very popular with the beach lovers, who love to spend their vacation here. Hammamet is considered to be one of the finest beach resorts in North Africa. In fact, it was also one of the first tourist destinations in Tunisia. Many of the tourists visit the beach side resort to enjoy a comfortable and fun filled vacation with their family. They spend their day by the beach wherein they can enjoy the beautiful sun and can sunbath. The spotless beaches stretch on forever and therefore it never seems to be crowded. It is easy for you to find a private spot for yourself and simply relax.

Hammamet at Tunisia is referred to as Saint Tropez of Tunisia. It attracts a number of European tourists every year and offers them a relaxed and fun filed vacation with all the comforts. The sandy beaches, the tranquil water spreading out to the horizon and the Mediterranean sun makes it a popular travel destination with the tourists who love to laze around by the sea side and soak in the sun. History lovers also enjoy coming to Hammamet and visit the ruins of Puppet which helps them peek into the history and catch a glimpse of the lifestyle. In the evening, tourists prefer to enjoy the beautiful sunset which is worth seeing and is mystifying.

General Etiquette in Hammamet

Tipping is one of the main general etiquette which must be followed at Hammamet. Small tips to the staff at the hotel you are staying at, the restaurant you dine at or to the taxi driver makes a huge difference and helps you get better service.

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