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Hammamet Yasmine Holidays

Yasmine Hammamet is a tourist resort and is a few minutes drive from the main city of Hammamet. The tourist area is quite well developed and is named after Jasmine flowers which grow in abundance here. The beaches here are very popular with the tourists who prefer to spend their day lazing by the sea side or enjoy indulging in the beach activities here. There are a number of hotels at Hammamet Yasmine which offer a comfortable stay to the guest. Though it is a newly developed area, Hammamet Yasmine’s architecture incorporates the traditional styles and designs.

The new tourist area has been developed keeping the tourists in mind. The beaches not only invite the people who like to laze around under the sun but also appeals to beach party lovers who can party all night long. So whether you are seeking a comfortable stay or want to party hard, Hammamet Yasmine would provide you with just that. The children also enjoy their stay at the resort and can play with the sand or swim at the shore. There are restaurants, theatres and theme park also at Hammamet Yasmine that makes it possible for the tourists to look forward to an enjoyable stay.

General Etiquette in Hammamet Yasmine

When at Hammamet Yasmine or other parts of Tunisia make sure that you tip the service providers. Tipping is expected by the staff and is a good way to get efficient service. So make sure that you tip the bellboy, hotel staff, the taxi drivers or the restaurant staff.

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