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Halkidiki Holidays

This is Halkidiki. To those seeking Greek holidays, a bit of history about its name may not be out of place. Halkidiki has been known down the ages by various names such as Chalkidiki and Khalkidhiki. There is some disagreement as to its pronunciation, but there is none when it comes to its claim as one of the most bewitching islands of Greek Macedonia. Being located at the crossroads of northern Greece and the southernmost outpost of Greek Macedonia, Halkidiki offers a charm and beauty that is rare and unique, making it a great destination for Greek holidays of a lifetime. It is best left to the visitor to savour the treasures this place holds. Combine this magic with the appeal its nearby cities such as Afitos and Hanioti offer, and you have a great picture of these Greek islands. Read on to delve deep into this island of deep, alluring magnetism!

Holidays in Greece start with a few unique facts about Halkidiki. The one that strikes you most is its very existence. It is so formed that it branches out from the central area of Greece into the Deep South, peninsular part of this country. This makes it shaped in the form of a leg with three toes, giving you a wonderful reason to make Greek holiday packages!   These ‘toes’ have names, too. These are Sithonia; Kassandra and Agnion Oros, which ought to be on the top of your holiday packages to Greece. In the last of these is located one of Greece’s most wonderful mountains, Mt. Athos. It is best remembered the world over for its monasteries. These and its strikingly beautiful blue waters have earned it a place among the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Another uniqueness of Halkidiki is that it has the reputation of being one of Greece’s oldest inhabitations, having been mentioned in records dating to at least eight centuries before the advent of Christ.

And did we mention the most famous reason for which Halkidiki is known to the world? It is the native place of none other than Aristotle! Plus, in its neighbourhood, places such as Hanioti and Afitos offer attractions that complement and augment the wonder that Halkidiki is. Do all these make you still wait for a reason to commence your Greek holidays?

General Etiquette in Halkidiki

While on Greece holidays, the tourist could bear in mind that in most hotels Halkidiki has, the waiter does not wait for tips as a mandatory offering. Yet, a generous tipper is always more than welcome. 10 to 15 percent is the standard when on holidays in Greece. Most hotels Halkidiki houses have waiters that are usually not from very well-off families, so a good tip is always welcome.

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