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Gumbet Holidays

Gumbet holidays are popular for their buzzing nightlife and water sports activities. A part of the south-western coast of Turkey, Gumbet is well-connected to all the major beach resorts of Turkey and Greece.

Gumbet is part of the Bodrum Peninsula and lies about 5 km west if Bodrum town. Gumbet is in a way a suburb resort town to Bodrum and is built along the beaches of a horseshoe-shaped bay. The hills and the Aegean Sea flank this lively holiday spot on either side. The nearest beach resort to Bodrum that has become quite popular among tourists and holidaymakers from around the world, Gumbet is a hotspot for enjoying the sun and water sports in Turkey. The beach is perfect for fun-filled family holidays while the pubs and clubs leash out loud party nights.

The soft slope on the Gumbet beach makes them safe and suitable for children. Plenty of umbrellas and toilets make the beach a comfortable place to enjoy your Gumbet holidays. Moreover, one can reach the sunny beach of Gumbet on foot from all parts of the town. The local currency is Turkish Lira; however the Euro is used at most of the places for all kinds of transaction. The local time in Gumbet is 2 hours ahead of the GMT.


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