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Gulf Of Valinco Holidays

The Gulf of Valinco is on the small and picturesque island of Corsica, located just next to the French mainland. It offers holidaymakers a plethora of vacation destinations. The Gulf Of Valinco is situated on the left coast of Corsica and is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to visit on the island. This region boasts of many wonderful things to see and do. Gulf of Valinco has many beaches, rivers as well as a lively port town. When you wish to get away from the daily flurry of your regular city life, take a flight to the Gulf of Valinco for an unforgettable vacation.

The Many Sights And Sounds Of The Gulf Of Valinco

The first thing to strike you about the Gulf of Valinco will be the vast stretches of sandy beaches which shimmer like gold under the Mediterranean sun. You get a glimpse of the magic of the unspoilt natural beauty of the beaches of Gulf of Valinco. You get to experience the hustle and bustle of regular town life as well. It may sound like a contrast of sorts but the two blend in beautifully at the Gulf of Valinco.

Propriano is the main town in the Gulf of Valinco. It used to be a quiet fishing village but now has changed into a resort town which is full of life. It has many shops and restaurants, as well as a busy marina which attract many visitors to this small town at the Gulf of Valinco.

There are many other small towns and villages in and around the Gulf of Valinco. Apart from Propriano, there are also the villages of Campomoro, Cappiciolo and Porto Pollo. These villages in Gulf of Valinco are sparsely populated which make them perfect places to visit for some peaceful time off.

Campomoro only has a few houses, a Genoese watchtower and a lovely sandy beach which is wonderful for children. There are also a couple of cafes for a quick snack. Cappiciolo has many big beaches and little coves, which are the main attractions of this village. Porto Pollo has a lovely little beach and some small restaurants near the marina. These fishing villages in Gulf of Valinco make perfect getaways for you and your family.

The beautiful granite village of Olmeto and Sartene which is known as the “most Corsican of Corsican towns” are also some places you must visit when on a holiday at the Gulf of Valinco. The residents of this town still follow several old traditions which give it an air of the early 19th century. There are many sites of historic value at the Gulf of Valinco which you can visit.

At the Gulf of Valinco, you can even trek up to the mountain villages of Zonza and Aullene. This gives you an idea of how diverse the Gulf of Valinco is, with its beaches as well as mountains.

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