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Greece Things To Do

Here are some popular attractions to visit during your holidays to Greece:

The Acropolis of Athens This beautiful ancient sanctuary is the centrepiece of Athens. The Acropolis was the cultural seat of ancient Greece and is now a very popular destination for Greece holidays.

Vassae: The Temple of Epicurean Apollo The Temple is believed to be the seat of Apollo, the God of war, sun and light. The monument was built in the pre-Christ era and, yet, has retained its original grandeur

Vergina – Aegae This ancient city was civilised way back in the Bronze Age and was the capital of the kingdom of Macedonia. Explore the ruins of age-old palaces and temples and discover the Greek heritage which is evident at this site.

Epidaurus (archaeological site) The coastal town of Epidaurus is believed to be the healing centre of the Roman and the Greek world.

Early Christian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessalonica Numerous churches, monasteries and rotundas adorn this ancient heritage site. The ubiquitous Greek architecture is simply marvellous. A must-visit for your Greece holidays.

Monastery complex of Meteora Wander in the ‘stone-forest’ and explore the hidden caves and chambers where you may even discover fossils that are indicative of the lifestyle of the local inhabitants in prehistoric times.

Mystras (Medieval City) The Medieval City was developed in early 13th century and was the seat of the last of the Byzantine emperors, Constantine XI.

The archaeological sites of Mycenae and Tiryns The ruling seat of the mythical Greek ruler, Agmemnon, this heritage site was the home of the great Mycenean Civilisation.

Olympia (archaeological site) Besides being credited with the inception of the Olympics, the city of Olympia was the most well-known metropolis in ancient Greece.

Old Town of Corfu (Kerkyra) This ancient town opens out in the Adriatic Sea and was of immense strategic value during wars due to its tactical location.

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