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Greece Holidays

Greece holidays are fun right at the onset. With a proud heritage, some splendid places to visit and rich culture, holidays to Greece sure have a lot to offer. Amazing beaches, magnificent heritage sites, lovely colonial hotels add a wow-factor to your Greece holidays.

When you plan your holidays to Greece with us, you’re assured of a trip to remember. Decide if you wish to go for a luxury holiday or a cheap budget holiday, if it would be family holiday or a holiday just for the two of you.

Often viewed as an epitome of European heritage, Greece’s rich history and vibrant culture speak volumes of its position of prominence amongst all European Nations. One of the first places to have a civilisation, Greece’s culture has evolved tremendously over the ages. Greece was in the thick of the action during the Renaissance period, the influence of which you’ll notice during your Greece holidays. Post Balkan Wars, Greece expanded in terms of population and area. Since then, Greece has undergone a sea of change in terms of culture, demography and politics. Within Greece, there are many destinations that tourists love. Crete holidays in particular are highly popular amongst British holiday makers.

History, culture: Greece

Greek history and culture is probably the most intriguing of all nations across the world. With thousands of heritage sites, beautiful ancient monuments and mesmerising folk tales on almost every plausible subject, Greece enchants visitors with its rich history and culture. While on your holidays to Greece, you are introduced to different facets of the Greek culture. We make every effort that your entire stay is enriched with memories to last forever, all thanks to ZipHolidays’ Greece Holidays’ packages.

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