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Grand Bahamas Holidays

Grand Bahamas is home to Freeport / Lucaya Island cities of Bahamas. Holidays in Grand Bahamas are popular because of its faster pace and more cosmopolitan atmosphere when compared to Nassau. Grand Bahamas is the second city of Bahamas. For an unadulterated holiday there is no better gateway than the Grand Bahamas. You will find long stretches of white pristine beaches, inviting hotels, a big casinos, night-time entertainment and world class scuba diving facilities here, specially tailored all inclusive holiday packages to Grand Bahamas ensure that you experience all this and more.

Pulsating Grand Bahamas

Freeport/Lucaya islands in Grand Bahamas are a sportsman’s paradise, because of the many championships held around the year for golf, tennis, scuba diving and fishing. Grand Bahamas holiday holds potential for every kind of holiday activities. Where else can enjoy shopping at the international bazaar, explore underwater caves, go for an exotic nature stroll, swim with dolphins and come face to face with sharks all in one day.

Like New Providence, holiday in Grand Bahamas also ensures miles of clear, pristine beaches and luxurious hotels. The less populated outskirts of Grand Bahamas, unlike Nassau gives more sense of tranquil surroundings. Most all inclusive holiday packages cover all the wonderful locales of Grand Bahamas.

Freeport is the resort centre of the island where most of the action can be found. Lucaya is a famous shopping centre; Port Lucaya Marketplace is popular for duty-free goods from around the world. For nature lovers Grand Bahamas is home to one of worlds oldest underwater cave systems in the world. Grand Bahamas holiday packages ranges from cheap deals to luxury holiday packages, all you need to do is choose one from ZIP Holidays and pack your bags!!

General Etiquette in Grand Bahamas:

People in Grand Bahamas are very conversational; therefore it is good etiquette to engage in a brief conversation before you ask any favour. As the locals are highly dependent on tourism for their income, it is polite to tip them on receiving any help. Tipping after a meal in a restaurant is customary. Casual wear is absolutely fine around resorts, beaches and tourist attractions, but if you are planning to visit a village or church make sure you are dressed modestly. Follow these and you are sure to have a good holiday in Grand Bahamas.

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