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Gradac Holidays

Gradac holidays offer a combination of the old ages and the modern civilization. Situated at the Adriatic Sea this small town and harbour is popular for the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Gradac is known to be an urban settlement since the 17th century. There are notable ruins and churches here dating back to the Kandyan war in the 17th century to see during holidays in Gradac.

Going on holidays to Gradac means re-visiting history. There are many ruins which are an evidence of the Dalmatia. Gradac holidays are famous for its Renaissance, Romanesque and Baroque churches. This small town also houses the biggest beach on the Adriatic Sea which is known as Gornja Vala. The famous pebbly beaches on Makarska River also attract many on holidays to Gradac. The pebbly beaches here are spread over 7 km. A paradise for the water sport lovers, Gradac holidays offer various facilities for different kind of water sports. There is plenty to eat and drink here and sea food lovers will enjoy the traditional cuisine during holidays in Gradac.

General Etiquette

Croatians are formal on initial meetings. You can greet them by saying ‘dobro jutro’, good morning, ‘dobro dan’, good day, ‘dobro veeer’, good evening. It is considered good to wish these people by their titles and surname instead of he first name. Table manners are casual and they follow continental styles. Croatians like straightforward talk; however one can choose words carefully.

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