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Gozo Holidays

Gozo is one of the three of Maltese islands that form Malta country. Located in the blue Mediterranean waters, Gozo is smaller than Malta, but bigger than the third island, Comino. This 14-km long and 7-km wide island boasts many splendid natural attractions. The character and topography of Gozo attract leisure tourists across the globe. Its charm evokes a sense of magic and myth. History lovers come across Gozo’s brimming stories of the bygone era. Tourists seeking refuge away from hectic life see Gozo a pleasant place where life is wrapped up in a welcoming and melodious environment. Gozo shares Malta’s megalithic culture and history, but has been spared from reckless human activities. Gozo is just a 20 minute ferry travel from Malta.

Picturesque Gozo

The tiny island of Gozo is one of the most scenic and unspoiled islands in the world. Gozo has maintained its original character and remained an undiscovered destination. It offers a perfect tranquil base for rest and relaxation. Contrary to its bigger and more famous neighbour, Malta, Gozo’s diverse landscape has rugged cliffs, hills, and valleys. The verdant countryside pastures are dotted with old stone farmhouses and tiny farming communities. It is a fantastic location for those looking for a pleasant destination with water sports, natural heritage, and fascinating cultural and historical sites. Marsalforn tourist resort on the north coast offers a variety of water sports, hotels, and restaurants, while retaining its world charm of a fishing village. The beautiful Ramla Bay is well-admired for its stunning red colored sands and the picturesque beach. Dwerja, on the Inland Sea, the Azure Window, and Fungus Rock boast marvelous diving conditions. The charming and quaint towns and villages of Gozo, especially Gharb, are dotted with stone carved balconies and appealing village square. The ancient village of Kercem and the capital city, Victoria, are popular for their panoramic locations and open-air markets. Gozo offers many scenic walks and bike trails through attractive countryside and rugged coast. The crystal waters of the Mediterranean are perfect to dive and explore interesting rock formations, caves, caverns, and the marine life. The Ghantija Temples in Gozo are older than the Pyramids. The Basilica at Ta’Pinu is a famous place of pilgrimage.

General Etiquette in Gozo

Being a part of Malta, the official languages in Gozo are Maltese and English. English is widely accepted and spoken. However, locals love their language. Many take it as an offense if someone identifies their language as Arabic. Gozo is quite safe, and you can travel anywhere at any time. Crime rate is very low. As Gozo follows stringently Roman Catholic norms, riotous behavior by drunken tourists is not tolerated in many areas, especially near the churches. No one will be allowed inside churches without proper dress code. People do not prefer to have foreigners as employees.

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