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Golden Sands Holidays

The Bulgarian Zlatni Pyasatsi, which translates to Golden Sands, is a major seaside resort located on the northern Black Sea Coast. Golden Sands is the largest resort on the north of Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and is 17 km from the north of Varna, the third largest Bulgarian city. Kranevo, a beautiful small village, is its neighbour on the north. On the south Golden Sands has St. St. Konstantin and Elena, the oldest seaside resort on the Bulgarian coast, as its neighbour. Wonderful climate, lush greenery, clean beach, and inexpensive lifestyle, make Golden Sands holidays popular.

Development of Golden Sands holiday resort began in 1957, and in a period spanning approximately 2 decades the region metamorphosed into a fantastic holiday destination with top- notch tourist-friendly amenities, including numerous hotels, restaurants, villas, shopping centres, spas, casinos, great transport, and entertainment facilities. With its marvellous beach, entertaining sports activities, and splendid local attractions, a holiday in Golden Sands promises relaxation, fun, and excitement.

General Etiquette in Golden Sands

Tipping is not compulsory; however, generous tips for services of hotel staff, drivers, and guides, are appreciated. Etiquette also requires proper table behaviour and respect for local culture.

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