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Goekova Holidays

One of the virgin sites in Turkey, Goekova is a small traditional resort offering spectacular natural scenery. Goekova holidays partake of the sparkling waters and sun-kissed beaches in and around the area.

Goekova is an unspoilt resort in the Dalaman region of Turkey. Situated along a gorgeous stretch of sun-kissed beach with warm sparkling waters, Goekova has abundance of natural beauty. The traditional Ottoman style houses and a plethora of local shops mean that you get a glimpse of authentic Turkish way of life that goes on at a quiet unhurried pace. Boat rides, yachting and cruises are some of the main holiday activities. Adventure lovers can also have a great time with scope for some adrenalin-rush sports such as paragliding and mountain biking. Those who love nature would find Goekova quite appealing because of the variety of flora and fauna here. Goekova holidays are ideal for relaxing not only your tired body, but also overworked and stressed mind.

The local time of Goekova is 2 hours more than the GMT.

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