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Goa and its fine beaches are inseparable in any conversation. Whether it is a chat with an anonymous friend on Internet, flipping the pages of a travel guide or listening with keenness the apt words of your travel guide at Goa, beaches will cover half the subject matter. With a coastline of 125 km, Goa features fine beaches from north to south. The best part is that accommodation, food and beach leisure are a lot cheaper in Goa than other beach destinations in the world.

After beaches, the second most prominent feature about Goa is its colonial history. Goa was occupied by Portuguese for four and a half centuries, who landed here in the beginning of 16th century as traders and merchants. Prior to that, Goa was ruled from time to time by the famous monarchs of India. The Portuguese settlement and their presence in the state for such a long time resulted in giving the place a unique Latin character. This character is revealed by monuments, historic places, culture, language and lifestyle at Goa.

The third most important characteristic of Goa, which is more of a past phenomenon, is that the place was a haven for hippies in 1970s. Apart from sun, surf and sand, the propositions of affordability and greater freedom often allured foreign tourists, especially hippies to hang out here. These are some of the basic ingredient of Goa holidays tour, the least you can expect from it.

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