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Goa Holidays

Goa, the beach paradise, is one of the cornerstones of the flourishing tourism industry in India. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, this small state straddles some of the finest beaches of India. It is the best hangout place for foreign tourists, especially Europeans, who find the place to be much cheaper when it comes to buying the comforts.

Goa Holidays are not just about beaches. The state has had a gripping history, accounts of which can still be heard from the residents of this place. It is a unique state, unlike the rest of India, where Portuguese character is dominating and reflected in art and culture. Goa Holidays makes a full attempt to explore the cultural diversity of Goan people besides arranging for an exciting tour, whichh, to most, brings back memories of holidays in Florence, Italy.

Apparently, Goa is very different from other Indian destination. The points of differences between Goa and other states are so blatant that you can safely remove Goa from the list of states representing the true colours of India. Yet, the place has managed to retain some well-disposed aspects such as hospitality of the Goan people and the absolute freedom. No wonder people call it a hippies-den. With Goa's placement on India's west coast and proximity from other Middle Easterns destinations like Dubai, it is a good idea to combine your Dubai holiday packages with a visit to Goa's beaches. Goa lies north of the other famous Indian destination Kerala, famous for its back waters, hill stations and wild life sanctuaries.

For the first-timers, there are 90 percent chances that they will be swooped off their feet after landing at the place. Typical anecdote that we often hear from tourists visiting for the first time goes like this: “Before we came to this place we had a different picture in our mind. It is great fun to be here; feels like we are not far from home.”

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