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Gharb Holidays

Għarb is a small township situated at the westernmost tip of the island of Gozo, Malta. A small village that was established centuries ago, it has a population of 1,160 people. The earliest roots can be easily seen in the middle of the village where some houses have decorated stone balconies. Għarb was fashioned as a rural community in 1679 and it has an well-designed facade which can be put side by side with Francesco Borromini's Church of Saint Agnes in Piazza Navona, Rome. Għarb is considered as one of Gozo's most lovely countryside.

Relaxing Gharb

A holiday in Gharb is like transporting oneself from the disorder of modern life and getting back in touch with something real. It is difficult to imagine that places like Gharb still exist in this chaotic, hi-tech and hi-speed life. A visit to Gharb means tracing the footsteps of ancient people who lived here since Neolithic times. This place is Gozo's second oldest village, where there is history through every street.

General Etiquette

While in Gharb it is important to consider and take care of a few factors. It would be highly appreciated if the visitors would respect the local customs. When visiting mosques, holy places, and some other public places too, three are some dress rules that should be adhered to. Make sure that you check the opening and closing times for memorials and museums since they might change during national holidays and ramadan.

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