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Germany Safety

Safety – German Public transport is very safe, but even so, it’s wise to take normal safety precautions. Always keep valuables in your hotel safe on your Germany holiday. If you must ride at night, choose to ride as close to the operator as possible and be aware of the emergency telephone (Notrufsäule) locations. Frequent patrols by the police are common in more sensitive areas so you have a safe Germany holiday.

Remember that cars in Germany drive on the Right. Never walk on the bike path. If you intend to drive on the “Autobahn”, be especially careful on Germany holidays as cars often drive in excess of 200 km/h and can come right out of the blue. Use only winter tyres if you wish to drive in the colder months. When on an escalator during holidays in Germany, always stand to the Right. Wasps are common in summer and are attracted to soft drinks and other sweet things. They can sting repeatedly if shooed away. “Wespe” is German for wasp.  

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