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Germany Festivals and Culture

Germany is a culturally rich country and visitors on a Germany holiday are sure to enjoy its various fests and events held all year round. The country has several excellent museums that make for an interesting visit on holidays in Germany.

German Toy Museum – Located between Erfurt and Nuremberg, it has dolls, Lego and steam engines, a variety of toys from Asia and Africa and even a space station that can’t help but remind adults on Germany holidays of their childhood days.

German Museum of Technology in Berlin – Learn what electricity is and what makes the sky blue. Experience a thousand wonderful things with childlike curiosity on your holidays in Germany.

Focke – Museum in Bremen – Mint a coin as they did in the old days or learn how to build your own wooden ship on your holiday in Germany.

World of the Senses – This novel experience that makes you use your senses in ways you never could have imagined is near Biberach at Jordanbad baths and a great place to visit on holidays in Germany.

Musicals are ever popular in the country and enchant visitors on Germany holidays in several cities including Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Experience the dance and drama and gaze in wonder as the emotions inspire your imagination.

Christmas in Germany is not an experience to be missed. A stroll through festively adorned streets as sounds of bells and the singing of choirs fill the air and shopping centres that offer everything any child or adult could desire. Christmas is a time when many people plan to come on Germany holidays.     

Oktoberfest – Easily among the world’s major fests, for 16 days “Theresa’s fields” play host to millions of fun loving people on Germany holidays and from various parts of the country determined to have an amazing time! Beer flows by the ton every minute as the party mood infuses everything with great verve that only ends on the first Sunday of October.

Dresden Music Festival– The internationally acclaimed two and a half week classical music festival captivates audiences on their Germany holidays.

Stuttgart Beer Festival – Almost as famous as the Munich Oktoberfest, it attracts visitors on holidays in Germany every year at the end of September.

Cologne Carnival – It’s lavishly celebrated over five amazing days and absolutely worth a visit on Germany holidays.

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