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Germany Essentials for British

International dialling codes

00 is the international prefix to dial outside of U.K.
49 is the international code to dial to Germany.
Followed by the city code and number you wish to dial.

30 is the city or local area code to dial to Berlin. 
89 is the city or local area code to dial to Munich.
711 is the city or local area code to dial to Stuttgart.

Currency comparison -

On your Germany holiday, it’s useful to know local currency conversions vis-à-vis the G.B.P.
The Federal Republic of Germany adopted the Euro in 1999.

One Euro (€) equals 0.876 G.B.P. or one G.B.P. equals 1.141 Euros.

Important etiquette and miscellaneous tips on your Germany holidays

Dinner Invitations – It’s always best to be punctual and to bring a bottle of wine or flowers. Say “Guten Appetit” before you start to eat and keep elbows off the table.

Restaurants and Bars – Water has to be paid for, and in places like McDonalds ketchup too must be paid for. When you go to a restaurant on a holiday in Germany, a common practice is to just sit at the table of your choice unless the Establishment is reservations only. Tips are smaller than in the UK, and a € five tip on your holiday in Germany is considered quite generous.

Public phones – These are rare in the country and only take telephone cards that can be bought in shops such as “Vodafone”, “Post” and “Telekom”.

British Consulate General in Germany –

The British Consulate General in Berlin can be reached at - 49 (0)30 20457-0
The British Consulate General in Düsseldorf can be reached at – 0211 94480`
The British Consulate General in Munich can be reached at - 49 - (0)89 211090

for more details log on to -
Emergency Contact numbers on Germany holidays -

It’s important to be aware of these emergency numbers on Germany holidays -
Police (Polizei) - 110
Fire Brigade (Feuerwehr) – 112
Paramedic (Notarzt) - 112

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