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Germany Attractions and Activities

Holidays in Germany offer guests a myriad of fantastic tourist destinations that spoil them for choice. One just can’t explore the country enough in such a short period. There are nice old towns, gothic architecture, pleasant villages, Castles and Cathedrals, forests and caves and much more to delight everyone on a holiday in Germany.


Checkpoint Charlie – Often mentioned in the works of famous spy thriller writers, this historic attraction receives immense interest from visitors on Germany holidays as the only crossing point in Cold War Germany.
Kaiser Wilheim Church – Built in 1891 and nearly completely destroyed in 1943, this church is famous as a war memorial and for the sense of tranquillity it bestows visitors on a Germany holiday.
Old National Gallery – This beautifully restored gallery houses fine works by such artists as Blechen, Schinkel and Von Mendal to name a few.
Alte Museum – Located on Berlin’s Museum Island, the city’s oldest museum has superb sculptures and an ancient bust of Queen Nefertiti which is a favourite with visitors on Germany holidays.
Sanssouci Park – Famous for its magnificent gardens and palaces, it is a recommended attraction on holidays in Germany.

Other major attractions include

Neuschwanstein Castle – The country’s most famous castle was the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty Castle” and is its most visited building on Germany holidays despite being only one third complete.
Cologne Cathedral – This is the most famous landmark in the city of Cologne and offers superb city panoramas on a holiday in Germany.
Heidelberg Castle – Heidelberg castle is the most famous attraction this city offers visitors on Germany holidays. The architecture contains Renaissance and Gothic elements and has excellent gardens.
Marienplatz – This imposing square in Munich has the world famous Carillon. The amazing mechanical figures dance at 11:00am and at noon to the delight of visitors on holidays in Germany.
Church of Our Lady – This Baroque masterpiece in Dresden has marbled pillars and a superb dome and is certainly worth a visit on Germany holidays.
Saxony Switzerland – This national park is among the country’s most beautiful natural treasures and has forests, cliffs and gorges that make it a splendid attraction on a holiday in Germany.  
Bavarian Alps – A skier’s paradise in winter and a superb hiking destination in summer, the Alps are a great tourist attraction on Germany holidays and are symbolic of the country’s natural splendour with pleasant villages and shimmering lakes.
Black Forest – Probably the most recognised of German tourist attractions worldwide, it immediately conjures up visions of mysterious woods and delicious cake. This spectacularly beautiful area of mountains and valleys, forest and sparkling waterfalls is famous for hiking and skiing and an evergreen favourite with visitors on German holidays.
The Frisian Islands – Situated in the North Sea, these islands form part of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.
Lake Constance (Bodensee) – A large fresh water lake that is also one of the country’s most scenic destinations for people on Germany holidays.
The Romantic Road – This breathtakingly beautiful “themed road” that runs from River Main to the Alps offers visitors on Germany holidays the most authentic German culinary experiences and ambience. Nearly 220 miles long, it also has the Ries Crater and geological Museum.

Important Landmarks on Germany holidays include

Brandenburg Gate – First erected in 1791, this famous symbol of peace stands as a testament to the reunification of one of the world’s great cities.  
Frauenkirche, Munich – Consecrated in 1494, the Cathedral can seat about 20,000 people and is an important Bavarian landmark.
Berlin Wall – The few preserved sections of this infamous wall near the Reichstag and the Hauptbahnof serve as reminders of the 28 year division the German Republic underwent and is perhaps the most visited modern landmark for people on Germany holidays.

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