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Gammarth Holidays

Gammarth is at Tunisia in North Africa and is a sea facing resort town. The town is popular with the beach lovers who love to spend their vacation by the pristine blue waters. The town is right next to La Marsa and is around 15-20 kilometres from Tunis. The town was under France before 1950s and was more of a fishing village. But after its independence, the village gave way to the upmarket resort which now attracts people from all over the world. If you are travelling to Gammarth then you can stay at any of the hotels and resorts here and look forward to a relaxed beachside vacation.

The travellers at Gammarth are especially attracted to the sandy beaches here and the dense green forest that surrounds the city. The mountains in the background complete the picture and add to Gammarth’s scenic beauty. You can make your booking for the sea facing hotels and enjoy the spectacular view from there. While staying at Gammarth, one can also plan a visit to La Marsa which is right next to the town and offers a lot of things to do. The travellers at Gammarth generally spend their day by the beach but also have the option to dine at the cafes and clubs or explore other attractions in Gammarth. The town attracts a number of families and couples every year who love the peace and tranquillity and use their vacation at Gammarth to bond with each other. General Etiquette in Gammarth When at Gammarth or other parts of Tunisia, make sure that you tip the service provider. Tipping is in fact expected fro the guests here and even a small tip can make a huge difference and help you get better services.

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