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Gambia Attractions and Activities

Banjul – Formerly Bathurst, the Gambian capital is located on St.Mary’s Island and offers some of the country’s historic attractions.

Albert Market is located on Liberation Avenue and is the bustling main market. Open from 8am to 7pm, it consists of three sub markets – retail and wholesale market that sells clothes to hardware; the produce market that sells everything from fish to peanuts and the tourist market that caters to tourists and offers impressive choice. Don’t let the labyrinthine alleys and jostling noisy crowds deter you from visiting the river bank right behind the market that is a totally different experience where visitors on Gambia holidays get to observe ferry boats and a small community that lives on the foreshore. 

McCarthy Square is a historic square in the city center and has colonial era architecture that offers a glimpse of the time when Gambia was a British colony. Nearby, the African Heritage Centre is worth visiting on Gambia holidays for the variety of art objects it displays and sells, sourced from different parts of the Gambia.

National Museum has wide ranging exhibits and several items of interest to people on holidays to Gambia.
Arch 22 commemorates Yahya Jammeh’s July 22nd coup and offers panoramic city views to guests on Gambia holidays.   
Oyster Creek separates Banjul Island from the mainland and birdwatchers and Anglers on Gambia holidays enjoy its waters on local pirogue boats. The mangroves teem with rich wildlife and a great variety of fish.  

Bakau is home to the popular Kachikally Crocodile Pool that has around 100 resident crocodiles and is a must-visit on holidays to Gambia. It’s rumoured to have tame crocodiles and locals even believe it to possess supernatural healing powers!

Fajara resort area is partly on the coast and its various sections have guesthouses, lodges and hotel resorts for tourists on Gambia holidays. The resort area boasts of fine beaches, restaurants, shopping centres and the interesting African Living Art Centre.

Kololi – Once a quiet village, the Kololi resort becomes a lively destination from October to April when it buzzes with night life and fun loving people on Gambia holidays. Its beach area and Senegambia strip are great attractions during the exciting high season. The resort area also features a Craft Market and a Village Art Gallery.

Kotu point resort has nice beaches, good restaurants and night clubs and the famous Kotu Bendula Craft Market. It offers bird watching opportunities galore for enthusiasts on Gambia holidays. Bicycles on hire are a good way to explore the vicinity.

Serrekunda Market town is the most populous town in the Gambia and an ideal place to witness culturally vibrant life on Gambia holidays. The heavily crowded market has street peddlers from West Africa, craft sellers and a plethora of local shops. The Batik factory in Dippa Kunda offers fascinating insights into the manufacture of this fabric. Wrestling is a very popular sport here, and visitors on holidays to Gambia get to witness intense wrestling bouts that can last as long as an hour.

Bijilo Forest Park is located near Kololi and home to over 130 beautiful species of birds that include the Red-necked Falcon as well as four species of primates and some flora.

Brufut Heights and Gardens is an important resort area near Ghana town that has steadily gained in popularity among visitors on holidays to Gambia.

Tanji is a fishing village and has a Nature reserve nearby. The place offers camel rides and thrilling boat excursions for adventurous visitors on Gambia holidays.

Additionally, the country has several other attractions such as Abuko Nature Reserve, Makasutu Culture Forest, Wassu and the famous village of Juffure that supposedly featured in “Roots”, Alex Haley’s landmark book, and more to offer people on exciting holidays to Gambia.   

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